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Persuasive Experiences

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What is Persuasive Experiences research about?

Persuasive Experiences research is about developing an understanding of how experiences created by novel interactions with technology, or with people through technology, can help people change their behaviour.

Below some example projects.

Smart Steering Wheel Cover

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Image05_EleonoraIbragimova_4230078The Smart Steering Wheel Cover is an in-vehicle system to enhance safety and efficiency in driving. The system provides real-time feedback on a driver’s behavior as well as a safe interface for accessing mobiles phones directly from the wheel.


Mokkop Design for Complex Persuasive Experiences

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Persuasive experiences around a coffee mug for making parents of hospitalised children now and then take time for themselves.  (more…)

Experience mirror

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Inea-Start nlshapersinea-1-3-s-386x470

INEA experience mirror app for iPad.

A playful app developed within the iPE project (CRISP programme), as an engaging way to ask people to self-report their experiences. Experiences are depicted through animated images and sounds, using six dimensions of experiences. The app is available via Apple’s AppStore, and will be tested in 2013 and 2014. In 2013 the app will be exhibited in the DesignUnited exhibition.

Main developer of the app was Marco Rozendaal, in collaboration with Shapers and me.

Cooperation or Competition?

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Game Game design
G-Motiv project (CRISP programme), PhD project Niko Vegt
Supervisors: Huib de Ridder, Arnold Vermeeren, Valentijn Visch

The aim of this project is to understand how competitive and cooperative behavior can be regulated in order to optimise collaboration within companies. The images above show examples from an initial study on exploring how implicitly changing game rules can lead to game experiences that in turn influence the degree of competitive or cooperative behavior displayed by the game players. Companies involved in this project include Ranj, serious games, and Berenschot, management consulting.

Experience assessment in NEMO

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IMAG0244 Meisje in straat
INEA user experience assessment app development. With Marco Rozendaal.

An iPad app and an iPod app were developed to explore dimensions of experiences and interaction styles by asking people report experiences of activities they encountered or saw depicted on a photo. The apps were used in the Science LIve room of Nemo Science Center in Amsterdam. A few hundred visitors of Nemo help us test the apps.

We have written a research report (in Dutch) for NEMO Science Center, where we conducted the research, as well as a page on Kennislink about measuring playfukl experiences (in Dutch)

IO Festival App

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IO Festival App

EmoApp for IO Festival
INEA crowd emotion measurement app. PhD project Jie Li.

The above image depicts an app that was developed as an initial attempt to explore to what extent location-based, self-report of emotions through an Android phone app would be possible. The app was tested with 78 visitors to the IDE Festival in June 2013. This project is part of the EWIDS project in the COMMIT programme. The app was developed in cooperation with Shapers.